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In today’s climate, where environmentally friendly policies are an essential part of any business operation, we are pleased to be able to offer our commercial clients a cardboard and paper recycling service that will allow the local business community to work towards a greener, brighter future for us all. This service is available to all clients in our home town of Bournemouth, as well as in nearby Poole, Wimborne, Verwood, Ringwood and Christchurch.

The importance of cardboard and paper recycling

With business waste and recycling being dealt with in a different manner to most domestic services, many companies choose professional waste management firms like Lee’s Waste Solutions to help them remove, sort and dispose of their cardboard and paper waste in an ecologically responsible manner. An important objective among businesses is to attain a position of zero landfill, with all waste products, including cardboard and papers, being reused and recycled in a sustainable manner.

How it works

The process of cardboard and paper recycling involves collecting waste cardboard and paper and sorted it into grades for recycling. This separated paper is washed with soap water to rid it of ink, plastic, glue, and staples before being placed in a large container, where the clean paper and cardboard is mixed with water, creating paper slurry. This slurry is rolled out thin and left to dry, creating new paper and cardboard, suitable for a variety of uses.

How we can help you

At Lee’s Waste Solutions, we can arrange regular collections of your cardboard and paper waste. This allows your staff to concentrate on the core focus of your business, rather than on the details of recycling management. After a brief consultation, we will arrange a collection schedule that suits you, following which we will remove, sort and dispose of your cardboard and paper recycling. Between us we have over a decade’s experience in the field, so know what cardboard and papers may be recycled, and where we need to send them.

Domestic cardboard and paper recycling

We don’t just provide cardboard and paper recycling solutions to business concerns. If you’re a householder who wishes to offset your own carbon footprint by recycling your cardboard and paper waste more efficiently than using the recycle bins provided by the council, we can arrange a similar schedule with you.

Your local cardboard and paper recycling team

We’re proud to be based in Bournemouth and are glad to offer our plastic recycling services to clients in the town and neighbouring Poole, Ringwood, Verwood, Wimborne and Christchurch. Together we can help secure a greener tomorrow for future residents of Bournemouth.

Fully regulated

Unlike many waste management firms, Lee’s Waste Solutions is fully licensed by the Environment Agency, complying in full with all Regulations and Duties of Care. We provide waste transfer documents, along with an appropriate invoice for all  cardboard and paper and other waste collections, which means we can track your waste from start to finish

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