Professional low density polyethylene recycling across the South West

Among the more recent services we have started providing to our clients in Dorset, Somerset and across the South West region is low density polyethylene recycling. This everyday plastic is found in every household, its versatility making it a key component in many applications. Likewise it has dozens of commercial and industrial uses, often on a much larger scale, as you’d expect. However, despite the popularity of this particular plastic, it is often overlooked for recycling purposes, as many people don’t realise that, no only is low density polyethylene suitable for recycling, it’s actually one of the best modern plastics for that particular purpose.

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What is low density polyethylene?

Low density polyethylene (often abbreviated to LDPE) has a multitude of uses in the home and in industry. It is the single  most common plastic by type used in the UK, accounting for almost one fifth of total production. It is a transparent and flexible plastic, making it a popular choice for plastic coverings and bags for sealing in food products. It’s also both chemical and oil resistant which means that it poses  similar ecological threats as other plastics.

Where will I find LDPE in my house or business?

If you’re manufacturing with low density polyethylene, then the odds are that you know about it. If you’re a consumer, then the chances are good that you’re using it every day, whether you know it or not. It’s found in things like squeezable condiment bottles, clear  plastic bags, shrink wrap, sealants, wire coverings, toys, and food container lids, and can also be found in the coating on paper milk cartons and the like.

Why recycle LDPE?

Whilst it disintegrates faster than many of the alternatives on the market, low density polyethylene remains a major pollutant, just like most other plastics, filling our seas and oceans, and contributing to the decline of our aquatic wildlife. From a proactive standpoint, it’s important to recycle LDPE simply because of the wide range of new products it can be turned into. These include plastic bins for rubbish or compost material, plastic panelling, plastic shipping envelopes, and even plastic lumber, among other uses.

What Lee’s Waste Solutions can do for you

At Lee’s Waste Solutions, we can collect all your LDPE waste on a regular basis and sorting through to determine which plastics require which processes.

Your local LDPE plastic recycling team

We are based in Bournemouth and are the South West’s leading waste management and LDPE plastic recycling company. Our collection service stretches as far as Poole, Ringwood, Wimborne, Verwood, Christchurch, and beyond, helping to make the region – and the world – a greener place for all of us.

Fully regulated

As the South West’s premier waste management firm, Lee’s Waste Solutions is fully licensed under the Environment Agency, and we comply in full with all of their Regulations and their Duties of Care. All the necessary waste transfer documents and appropriate invoices are provided for all  LDPE plastic waste collections ensuring a professional audit trail for your waste from start to finish

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