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With over ten years’ collective experience in the business, the team at Lee’s Waste Solutions is made up of experts in rubbish removal. We provide valuable rubbish clearance services to our clients here in Bournemouth, as well as in the neighbouring towns of Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood, Wimborne and Poole.

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What we can do for you

Site clearances, rubbish removal and wheelie bin collection are our core services here at Lee’s Waste Solutions. We understand that these are big jobs and can be daunting to someone who doesn’t have the level of experience that we do, which is why it makes sense for you to trust it to the experts.

Here are just a few of the things that make up our rubbish removal and rubbish clearance service.

Building clearance

There can be any number of reasons to clear out a building. Perhaps you’ve bought a property at auction, and it arrives “as-is” with all the former owner’s belongings still there. Maybe you’re renovating the garden and need to get rid of an old shed, which is packed to the gills with things you no longer need. Whatever the reason – be it clearing a loft prior to conversion, or stripping out a shop front before installing new counters and displays – we can handle all the heavy work for you.

Partial clearance

Sometimes it’s not an entire building that needs clearing, but just a single room or two. It might be that you’ve never got round to emptying out the garage, or you’ve recently knocked through to a cellar, perhaps. In any event, you don’t want the whole house stripping out – just those areas you’ve earmarked. So long as you inform us what’s to be touched, and what’s to remain, we are just as happy clearing a single room as we are an entire house.

Site clearance

Of course, it might be that there’s no building at all, at least, not yet. Perhaps you’ve bought some land, or are looking to erect a new building, but need the area cleared of all the waste, junk, and other detritus that soon builds up in open area. Perhaps you’ve just started renting an allotment and need to dispose of the items left behind by the previous occupant. Whether indoor or outdoor, we are happy to clear any open sites for you, leaving them a blank canvas for whatever you intend to do with them.

Rubbish removal & rubbish clearance

Maybe you’re not even clearing the house, as such. It could be that most of your belongings are staying exactly where they are, but that you need to rid yourself of a load of rubbish that has accumulated. Human beings are hoarders by nature, and it’s amazing just how quickly this kind of stuff can build up. Rubbish removal is a common request immediately before or after Christmas, as well as frequently among those starting a family, looking to clear out some of the junk before the baby arrives. In these cases, you will usually have sifted through your items and bagged up those you wish to get rid of, and we can shift them and dispose of them for you.

Domestic and commercial

Whether you are a private householder or a commercial client, you get the same level of service from our team of rubbish removal experts. We pride ourselves on our commitment to client satisfaction, regardless of the size of the job in hand. We have helped hundreds of individuals and dozens of businesses, large and small, with their rubbish clearance needs, and we can do the same for you.

How does it work?

Simply call our Bournemouth office today, and speak to one of our team. We will arrange for someone to pop round and take a look at just how much stuff you need us to clear out for you. This is also when you should highlight any items that are staying where they are, and shouldn’t be touched by our team. Once we have an idea of the scale of the job, we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for the work involved, confident that you won’t find a service that offers better value anywhere in Bournemouth.

Then we set a date, you give us access to wherever needs clearing, and we will remove and dispose of it all for you, with a minimum of fuss and mess.

Your local waste solution team

Bournemouth is our home, and we’re proud to serve the people of Bournemouth, as well as our neighbours in Christchurch , Wimborne, Ringwood, Verwood and Poole, delivering a quality of rubbish removal that cannot be beaten.

Fully regulated

Unlike many rubbish removal and man-in-a-van type firms, Lee’s Waste Solutions complies fully with all Environment Agency Regulations and Duties of Care. Complete invoices and waste transfer notes are provided with all our waste collections, which means we can track your waste from start to finish.

We do it all

Here’s a list of the most common jobs / items our customers want removing – rubbish, sheds cleared, garages, house and loft clearance, excess domestic waste bags, builders waste, empty waste bins, plasterboard, mattresses, electrical waste, uPVC waste, green waste, wood waste, soils, rubble, glass, washing machines, fridge freezers, household appliances, cookers, hobs, extractor fans, heaters, car tyres, waste management.

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Whatever your rubbish clearance need Call us today on 01202 526 355 or 07977 832119, and arrange a home visit for your free, no-obligation quote.